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  • Are your covers unique or do you sell them multiple times?
    All the premade covers are one-offs. Once a cover is sold, that’s it. It will never be sold again.
  • Can the design of the  premade covers be modified?
    Yes, I can make small changes to the designs. The fonts I use can also be changed if you prefer another font. Font change and small changes like characetr hair color, general hair color are free. If the change needed is more complex it will be charged extra according to the complexity.
  • Can you create a series based on a premade cover?
    Yes, most of the premade covers on the website can be turned into series. The next covers in the series will be the same price as the premade cover(the original price without any discounts) , they won't be charged at the price of custom covers.
  • How long does it take to make a cover?
    It depends on the complexity and type of cover you wan . Covers created with stock images can be done in about 3-4 days, while a digital painting one can be done in about one week and a half.
  • How do I comission a custom cover?
    Check the "Custom Book Covers" page on my website for booking availability first and for the prices. Usually I'm fully booked for atleast the next 6 months. If my availability fits your timeline and you want to book a spot, email me at and let me know what type of cover you want, when will you need it and give me some details about the book.
  • Where do you get the images you use in  your designs?
    The images I use come with a standard license from Deposit Stock. I also use 3D renders made with Daz Studio, rendered by me. Contact me if you need extensive licensing for more print copies (more than 500.000) .
  • If I buy a premade cover now/comission an ebook cover  can I add the paperback version later?
    Yes, the paperback version can be done later not a problem. You can also purchase the paperback wrap add on along with the ebook cover and send me the information needed to make it whenever you're ready-
  • What information do I need to provide for the paperback version?
    For the paperback verison I will need the following information : the Trim size, page count, paper color and blurb.
  • Do I have to credit you in my book?
    It's not mandatory, but I would greatly appreciate it ♥. In case you want to do so, please credit: Book cover design by BRoseDesignz Thank you!
  • Can I purchase a premade cover if I don't have the book title yet?
    Yes, you can! I can modify the text for you whenever you're ready. Just leave a note when you make the purchase and let me know you don't have the text information yet.
  • Can I receive the PSD (Photoshop) file of my cover?
    Yes, you can get the cover file in PSD format but please note that all layers will be flattened, and you are not allowed to alter the artwork in any way, only the text layers can be edited . Full-layered PSDs contain licensed material (stock photos from third parties that could be extracted from them) so those files can't be distributed because of licensing and copyright issues.